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yves klein

Yves Klein exhibition at Moderna muséet.
Brochure, invitation and poster.


Came up with a concept and visual identity for an exhibition at Moderna museet with Yves Klein. The assignment included an invitation card for the opening night, a brochure that would be sold at the museum and a poster.

Our exhibition, O Foudres, is based on Kleins firepaintings. We wanted the warm red colour to be the theme for our identity. Using the red transparent plastic sheet allowed us to keep the original black and white photos as they are but still bring some heat, and by printing the text on the cover and on the invitation in red we created a invisibility effect as long as you have the red plastic cover on.

Design made in collaboration with Sandra Raninen, Robert Lindqvist and Alfild Banzola

Type of work

School assignment


1 november, 2014


Concept, Editorial